I believe I can fly. Okay, that’s not true. 🙂 I believe in the power of laughter, and in finding the silver lining to the darkest clouds. I believe God gave us an incredible spectrum of emotions, and that He loves every one of them. I believe in Honest Writing, even when it’s not pretty.

I’m from the St. Louis area…I tried to leave once, but it called me back. There’s something about this city that draws you in. I love St. Louis, and I love having a family here. My husband & I have been together over 15 years (all thanks to a meddling friend, whom I will forever be grateful for). We have a son in grade school who is a walking miracle…He’s full of joy and laughter, & makes every day a new adventure.

I believe in the power of JOY, because my husband and I have been in the darkest valleys of the soul…and finding your way back out of that level of darkness takes a joy that only God can give. Our daughter, Hannah, died at only 29 days of age, in November of 2006. She died, I almost died, and our hearts were broken beyond repair…but there can be, as crazy as it sounds, laughter in the midnight. I lost my faith. Joy helped me find it again.

I believe in the love of Jesus…in the incredible, all-encompassing love of Jesus. I don’t understand it, I don’t get it, but I Know It Is Real.

I believe He loves us beyond our wildest comprehension, and beyond our biggest mistakes.