“50 Thinge You’ve Never Been Asked,” AKA, “Corona Quarantine Boredness At Its Narcissistic Finest”

I was on Facebook and I noticed this questionnaire making the rounds. I stole this from Belinda, and thought it was a good way to pass a few minutes of boredom. If I spelled anything incorrectly, blame it on the ‘rona.

  1. What is the color of your hairbrush? Teal
  2. Name a food you never ever eat: Sushi. Eww.
  3. Are you typically too warm or too cold? Thanks to my missing thyroid, Warm. Before cancer, cold.
  4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Same thing I do every day, Pinky: Try and take over the world!!! But seriously: I was watching the Grand Ole Opry live feed.
  5. What is your favorite candy bar? It changes, but probably a dark chocolate sea salt Ghirardelli.
  6. Have you ever been to a professional sports event? Yes
  7. What is the last thing you said out loud? “No” for the millionth time today.
  8. What is your favorite ice cream? Culver’s Chocolate Volcano or B&J’s Phish Food
  9. What was the last thing you had to drink? Water and a pink moscato
  10. Do you like your wallet? Yep–that’s a stupid question. Of COURSE I like my wallet! This is America! We don’t have to carry wallets that we don’t like!!!!
  11. What was the last thing you ate? A dairy-free cake of sadness. Seriously. Cake of Sadness. I didn’t think cake could ever make me sad. I’ve been proven wrong.
  12. Did you buy any new clothes last weekend? Nope
  13. The last sporting event you watched? Do sports on Fail Army count?
  14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? Popcornopolis Zebra
  15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? Amy Benwell
  16. Ever go camping? Yes…once…in high school.
  17. Do you take vitamins? Yep!
  18. Do you go to church every Sunday? Yep! Love my church people!
  19. Do you have a tan? Are you joking?!?! Who came up with these questions?!?!
  20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? Yes.
  21. Do you drink your soda with a straw? Yes. I am civilized.
  22. What color socks do you usually wear? White. But I truly hate socks. They’re like cotton prisons for your feet.
  23. Do you ever drive above the speed limit? Does a bear poo in the woods?!?! Heck, yeah!! I’ve got the need….the need for speed!!
  24. What terrifies you? Dentists. Rodents. People with unregistered firearms.
  25. Look to your left, what do you see? My UV lamp for nails and a box of Kleenex. Guess what’s worth more right now?
  26. What chore do you hate? I despise anything to do with dirty dishes. Also, I refuse to vacuum–David has to do it, because our vacuum weighs a million pounds.
  27. What do you think of when you hear an Australian accent? Heath Ledger and beaches. And Steve!!!
  28. What’s your favorite soda? I rarely drink soda. I like Diet Pepsi, Fountain Coke, and Vanilla Cokes from Sonic or Steak n’ Shake.
  29. Do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive? Drive thru
  30. What is your favorite number? 5.
  31. Who’s the last person you talked to? Robin Jackson (Church person!)
  32. Favorite cut of beef? Wait, what are steaks made of?
  33. Last song you listened to? Currently on Amazon Music: “Lay it On Me” by Vance Joy
  34. Last book you read? Oooh, it’s been a minute. I have like, 5 books in progress.
  35. Favorite day of the week? Friday…more like, “Fri-YAY,” amirite?!?!?!
  36. Can you say the alphabet backwards? Yes. Backwards alphabet the. See what I did there? Clever girl, I am.
  37. How do you like your coffee? Tan, hot, and sweet…..oooh, that sounds sexy! Ain’t changing it, though….that’s the moscato talking. πŸ˜‰
  38. Favorite pair of shoes? Any pair of Birks in my closet. And that’s a lot.
  39. Time you normally go to bed? 7:45pm on the weekdays. 9:00-ish most weekends.
  40. Time you normally get up? 4:00am…just me and the birdies.
  41. What do you prefer, sunrise or sunsets? SUN. I’ll take it any way I can get it.
  42. How many blankets on your bed? I have 2, and David has 2.
  43. Describe your kitchen plates. Red melamine, because unlike Carol House, we can’t have nice things.
  44. Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink? Riesling. Moscato. Any kind of dairy-based drink, like a mudslide. Amaretto sour.
  45. Do you play cards? Yes! Something tells me I’m about to get a lot more practised in this
  46. What color is your car? Toyota calls it, “Barcelona Red.”
  47. Can you change a tire? In theory…
  48. Your favorite state? MO fo’ sho!
  49. Favorite job you’ve ever had?
  50. How did you get your biggest scar? That’s entirely too personal for the public to know, but rest assured, it’s gnarly, and you will never see it.

These are so fun…Play along !!!

Social Distancing? Yes, I AM a pro.

Oh, people of the world…let me tell you a story:

In the summer of 2012, David & I were enjoying our lives as expectant parents. We were excited, and life was a beautiful ball of bliss.

Oh, please–that’s a lie. Truth be told, I was trying to work as much as possible between labs and doctors’ visits, and research, and a social life, and trying to hang onto my sanity as a mom who was expecting her rainbow baby.

It’s not all butterflies and fairy tales. It’s a terrifying test of faith that is only navigable by prayer, and by the prayer warriors who never let me out of their spiritual sights.

So, as 2012 came to a close, David & I were faced with the very real possibility that I was about to be admitted to the hospital–sans paycheck–for a very, very long time…and then on December 31st, it happened. I was admitted to Missouri Baptist Hospital for what became a 33-day stay.

My first few weeks at MOBap were the epitome of “social distancing.” I couldn’t do anything to raise my blood pressure. I couldn’t have visitors, for the most part. I couldn’t have the lights on, because the medications they gave me caused photo-sensitive migraines on most days. My husband couldn’t visit me as often as I’d liked, because he had just started a new job and we had a dog to take care of. My sister came almost every single night, and we’d usually have dinner together and watch TV. If I had other visitors, it was usually 1 at a time, and I looked like death warmed over. I felt like it, too–in fact, I felt absolutely terrible on every level–physically and mentally.

Spiritually, I was great–weirdly great. Like, I had this crazy calm that settled over me that rarely left me. Once, I got hysterically upset at a lab tech who scared the living daylights out of me, and once, I got into an argument with my mom. Other than that, I stayed super-chill, thanks to prayers, amazing nurses, my sister, and the knowledge that if I needed help, I’d better ask for it. I knew better than to try to go through the last days of my pregnancy on my own, and God came THROUGH. He took care of me…and He showed me that His presence is peaceful. He truly does give us peace like nothing else.

So, I’d forgotten about my early foray into social distancing, until of all things–I heard Kylie Jenner talk about her pregnancy, and how she’s a pro at social distancing after hiding her pregnancy for so many months. That reminded me–and it may be the first time a Kardashian/Jenner reminded me of anything to do with my spiritual life–of just how much grace I had poured out over me during my time of near-isolation. The time I spent at MoBap was one of the times in my life where I felt closer to the Lord than ever before–even in the face of complications; even in the face of frustrations; and even in the face of my potential demise. πŸ™‚ God was there.

And guess what? He’s here, right now.

I survived my time in MoBap thanks to a team of friends, nurses, and family that checked in on me and made sure I never felt alone, even when I was. I think that if we’re going to survive the coronavirus lockdown/social distancing/drama, that we need to be sure that if we’re able, we can be part of that team (or “village,” if you prefer) to help others. The last time I had THIS much time at home, I was on maternity leave (and dealing with severe post-partum depression). So, check in on your neighbors.

Check in on the parents that have now become teachers (and who may be feeling woefully unprepared). Check on your teachers who now, don’t have an in-person class to teach (and who have had to radically alter their teaching methods and lesson plans, almost overnight). Check in on the employees who are now questioning how they’re going to make ends meet.

Check in on the elderly who may or may not understand the rammifications of COVID-19 (and don’t be afraid to tell them off if they aren’t getting it. Like, “YES, DAD, I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU’RE CHUCK NORRIS, BUT DANGIT, MAN, THE CORONA DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS!!! STAY. OUT. OF. THE WAL-MART!!!!!!” (Wait, what do you mean, that sounds like an actual conversation? Did I say that?!? Y’all gonna get me in trouble. πŸ˜‰ )

I think there are some positive things that can come out of this dark time, if we let our eyes be opened enough to see them. I know a lot of people are terrified…I can’t imagine what small business owners are going through, in particular. But we’re going to get through this. I don’t want to blow smoke or act like Suzie Sunshine, but I know that through all of this, God still reigns.

Every time I look at my kiddo, I’m reminded of the grace of God. Trials and tests come; some may seem WAY bigger than others. Grace stays. Love stays. And God, just as He was in the beginning, still is, “I Am.”

I’m writing this as a reminder not just to you, but also to myself. I have a feeling I’m going to need to look back on this more than a few times in the coming weeks. Pray for our President; pray for our government. They’re under a burden we cannot imagine, yet it’s easily handled by God. Pray that their eyes are opened, and that they have radical encounters with Him.

We’re going to get through this! We’ve got this!!!! And God’s got us, right? πŸ™‚

The Boy Who Cried Wolf…but didn’t.

Man, I blew off the initial warnings about the coronavirus–I totally didn’t take it seriously, because of “fake news.” I think it’s become a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” scenario–the media has over-hyped SO many things, that now we don’t take anything seriously…and here we are. This thing is spreading quickly, and I think that I, as well as many other people, were under the impression that it’s just a bad flu. It gets real, though, when you realize that YOU (as in, ME), per the letter your doctor wrote to your (my) bosses, are to be considered as “extreme high risk.”
Now, most of you know I’ve faced down some pretty challenging medical hurdles thanks to a heavy dose of grace and a touch of ignorant oblivion. Usually, I only find out that I’ve almost died in discussions with my doctors after the fact. πŸ™‚ This time, though, they’re serious, and I’m realizing that I was an IDIOT when all of this started out. I’m not scared or working in fear or anything…it’s just a reality that I didn’t quite grasp. So, do me a favor–If you’re not taking this seriously at this point, I get it. I understand. But just take a second and realize the implications to your family if all of a sudden, you were out of the picture–either dead (worst case scenario) or stuck in the hospital for an extended (and expensive) period of time. Think about the implications if your parents were gone (and I know some of my friends know that all too well). Consider your life without any of the people in it that you KNOW are “high-risk” and the ones you DON’T KNOW are high-risk (because I don’t really look like I am, but I TOTALLY am).
I like my parents. I like their friends. And I like my family.
I like my life.
I’d like to keep it as long as I can.
So if you aren’t taking this seriously, and you try to get all up in my business, don’t be surprised if I or someone in my family corrects you. And if you see me forgetting what I’m supposed to do (which is easy, because I feel fine), feel free to smack me hard enough to put the proper “social distance” between us. πŸ™‚ I’ll take it as a sign of love. πŸ™‚
Be well, readers–I’ll be over here, trying to figure out how to work from home and home-school and basically not crawl up the walls. Gonna need more than thoughts and prayers to get through the next few weeks, for sure!!!!!!!! Gonna need a miracle and some divine intervention–LAWD, help us! πŸ™‚
Hey, maybe I’ll get my writing caught up…


Fear is heavy, like a suffocating blanket of pressure that you just can’t shake.
Fear locks you in your own head, making you see everything through its lenses, where everyone is on the attack and even the air you breathe is tainted with its taste…
Fear chains your motivation–
Fear tapes your mouth shut.
Fear stifles your song.
But for God…
God says, “Perfect Love casts out all fear,” and He doesn’t just “say” it…
He IS it.
Jesus breathes LIFE into those burnt out, suffocated places…
Jesus gives freedom, and the suffocating blanket of pressure?
It’s no match for the One Who tore the veil to the holiest of places…
It’s no match for the One Who gives us access to the very throne of God.
Jesus gives us motivation…
Jesus shakes those chains loose,
And He opens up our hearts so that the song He gives has
But to tear free from the places where fear tried to stifle it.
“Perfect Love” doesn’t just cast out fear…it annihilates it.
“Perfect Love” doesn’t make sense to a society that is currently embroiled in a panic, hoarding things like an ogre hoards trinkets, thinking they will save his soul.
“Perfect Love” gives us clear vision.
“Perfect Love” restores our hope…
When we feel overwhelmed…when the choices we have to make seem to choke us to death…when the clouds of fear threaten to block out the Light…
When I struggle with anxiety….
When the decisions are too heavy, & my heart is quaking…
“Perfect Love” is the embrace to my spirit that tells me He is still in control.
So I will rest in Him…
And be at