Manic Media and Parasitic Politics

59 People Died….527 People Are Injured….And a Nation Weeps…

Well, most of us weep…

Some, however, would rather spend their time jumping on the backs of those who were injured and those who died, in order to pimp their own political and commercial agendas.

I DON’T CARE WHAT WEAPON WAS USED. I don’t care about the political leanings of the psychopaths who perpetrate these heinous crimes. I don’t care about how they got their guns, how many guns they owned, how much ammunition they have—I DON’T CARE. It doesn’t actually matter, and it can all be twisted to support any agenda. I DON’T CARE.

But the media tells us we should.

The media tells us we should take every death and injured person, and hold them captive to the lascivious details of these massacres. Every single mass shooting that has occurred hits the news, and it takes approximately 15 minutes before the honor of those who died has been replaced by headlines regarding the types of weapons used, and for the media to politicize gun rights or gun reform.  The bodies are still warm, but the media doesn’t care.

Family members are still being notified, but the media doesn’t care.

People are still in hospitals for wounds to be treated, and some will face a lifetime of recovery, but the media doesn’t care.

These were (as they usually are) parents, teachers, kids…these were innocent people who went away to Vegas for a carefree time of good music and fun. These were ordinary people, and if they had wanted to be a political pundit, they would have taken that journey on their own.

They’re victims of this heinous massacre, and now they’re victims of the media and of the politicos who have absolutely NO RESPECT for their lives or for their legacies.

I’m convinced that integrity in journalism is dead, and with it, the compassion of a nation is crippled. Life is no longer valued in this country for anything past a headline, and that is simply PATHETIC.

Every journalist/media hypeman that turns these tragedies into a political platform should be publicly fired.  Stick to the facts, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc. Report what happened. Report the facts, not the estimates or opinions, and LEAVE YOUR POLITICS OUT OF IT.

And for the politicians and has-been politicians (Hillary Clinton, in particular): SHUT UP. Nothing you can say can make this any better, and anything you say detracts from the tragedy of the lives that were lost or those that were injured. This is NOT the time, and you are NOT campaigning. That time has passed, and we are now in a season of mourning.

Respect the dead and the injured, and respect their legacies, their families, and the life they left behind. Shame on all of you for being opportunistic parasites–you’re an embarrassment to this nation.


Sidenote: I was so outraged at a caller to a local radio show, that I called in myself and geve my two-cents. If you want to give it a listen, here you go:

Start at 18:39!


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