Radioactive fallout? AKA, When it’s not cancer, but….

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but sometimes updates require more than a Facebook blurb (and let’s face it–Facebook is a bit of a cesspool. Sometimes it’s amazing, but more times than not, I find myself reading statuses & struggling with anger/jealousy/politics/etc. Totally mentally unhealthy).

A few months ago, I started to notice issues with my voice. Maybe they would seem normal to a person who doesn’t sing all of the time (in my car, you know. Not like I’m singing anywhere right now, and I haven’t in a long time); I don’t know. I talk a lot more in my current position than I’m used to, so I chalked it up to that, until April, when I clearly felt the Lord say, “Hey, kid, that’s not normal. Call the doctor.” So, I called “Dr. Doogie,” as my husband calls him–the otolarynologist at Barnes/WashU that I had seen after my thyroidectomy–and scheduled an appointment for today.

Meanwhile, back in February, I hurt my neck. I had an MRI earlier this month that revealed two things: #1, I have a couple of bulging disc issues that I’ll be tackling with my chiropractor. #2, my lymph nodes in my neck were super-enlarged, & needed to be addressed. Clinically, my labs were good, so I wasn’t concerned about my cancer returning. However, after dealing with these lymph nodes for 7 years now, I decided I was going to tell Dr. Doogie that I wanted them out of my body–I was pretty set on it. And then I had my appointment today.

It turns out that my lymph nodes haven’t changed in the last few years. They’re just weirdly large, and as long as they don’t change and my labs look good, they’re staying put. Obnoxious, but solid–sounds like me, amirite?!? 🙂 What HAS changed, is what brought me into his office in the first place: My formerly-partially paralyzed left vocal cord is now completely paralyzed. I have no idea how that’s possible, but the next steps are to see a speech/occupational therapist at WashU that specializes in vocal cord paralysis. Those people exist?!?!? I find that amazing, as I find just about any specialist. Who decides that’s what they’re going to do?!? I wish I had known years ago that those kinds of careers existed! Evidently, they can help restore some movement with both injections (yikes!) and physical therapy.

So, the “radioactive fallout” from my thyroid cancer continues–I’m so, so thankful that it’s not back, but I’m slightly bummed that I’m dealing with side effect issues. I’m hopeful that they’ll be able to help–I mean, I’ll never be where I used to be, when I was singing 7-8 hours a day; I don’t expect that. I just want to be able to yell at David at full volume, you know? 🙂 I can still get pretty loud, but still….bwahahahahahahaha!

And that’s the update–I could write a small novel if I had the time, but that’s a BIG if, as time seems to be my most precious commodity these days. Time to have some summer fun & to enjoy & soak up every minute with my kiddo…..Blessings on you! And if you have any insights on vocal therapy, send them my way!

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