Only sleeping…

Yesterday, I checked out Instagram & found that a worship leader I have long admired, is asking for God to raise her child from the dead.

When I read that, my gut clenched, & my heart rate hiked.

Our initial, human reaction when someone prays like that, as Americans, is doubt. I am not an exception, especially as I have stood in those shoes, and prayed those prayers, and have had to say goodbye.

A leviathan of heartache rose out of my chest, & I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Wait.

Who am I?”

“You are God,” I thought. “You’re still God. You are still all-powerful. And You’re not a tame Lion, that I could predict how You will choose to work, especially based on my own experiences.”

I believe He could raise this child, if He so chooses. And I believe that if He has called her home, as heartbreaking as it is to go through, that He will still somehow be glorified in ways that we as humans cannot comprehend.

I believe that those who would mock this request, this daring, heart-checking prayer, had better check their relationship with God. What God do we serve? Is He not the Lord of the Impossible? He hasn’t changed since He parted the Red Sea–why should this be any different? Because of our culture? Is our entitlement to the mundane bigger than the Creator of the earth?

I don’t understand His ways or His reasons, but I do know that He will have His way. So, as scary as it is for me to put myself out there, I want to join with Bethel and say in faith, #WakeUpOlive. It’s the third day.

It’s time to rise.

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