Radio silent…

I’m posting a quick blurb to say that I know it’s been over a month since I last posted (almost two months, now). I’m going to be way-too candid for a public blog and just admit to you that I’m really, really struggling, & I can’t find a way to verbalize it right now. This isn’t a click-bait, “pray for me” kind of a post; it’s just an update since I’m usually not this quiet. I’m not trying to be deliberately vague. Between my existing physical/mental issues and the overall spiral into burnout, I’m having a hard time and I cannot DEAL with responses like, “you just need a vacation.” I’m not in a place where I want or need a response at all. I simply do not want to talk & am overwhelmed at the thought of a dissecting conversation.

So, it’s not your computer. It’s me, and I’ll hop back on here when the sun has come out once again. There are plenty of things that I have, and I am, celebrating, so please don’t think I’m on a death-spiral of depression. I’m not exactly sure WHAT I’m dealing with, so until I know or can at least intelligently express it, I’m putting my keyboard away. Peace out.

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